Terms and


- No women are allowed to be a member of the club. Only for honorary, women can be admitted.

- Members should not be infected by any infectious diseases.


-If any member has lent money from another member for any purpose of the club, he has to submit money with 10% SI interest, provided the lender has enough proofs and witnesses.

-No member can quit a club before a year completion in this club. However, he may quit or may be ordered to quit, before a year's completion by paying an amount of Rs. 150.

-Indiscipline code of conduct, betrayal or fixing any event may lead to rejection from the club and for this rule no. 2 is applicable (for this case, when the member is with us for more than one year, has to pay Rs. 150.)

-In emergency, the club has the right to demand up to Rs. 50.

-The club is a non -registered NGO, thus, extra charges are liable if any social event or tournament is held. In this case, the total amount will be divided among the members equally.


-Members can be permitted leave for any serious reason, even if the club requires him immediately.

-The cabinet has the right to amend/add/delete any rule.

-Club is not responsible for any loss of property.

-The club has the right to verify for infinite times about validity of information given by a member.

-The club would never hide facts and information of a member during any police enquiry.