CAFC Badminton Champs

This is our path to build the our club. Every year, we held this intra-club Badminton Tournament in which we play hard, play fair, and have a gala lunch. 

Champions of this tournaments

2010: Ritesh Agarwal and Rajdip Sadhukhan

2011: Debangan Kar and Sayan Ganguly

2012: Satyaki Dey and Debangan Kar

2013: Debangan Kar and Rajdip Sadhukhan

2014: Satyaki Dey and Anik Chakraborty


CAFC Cric-O-Fiesta

Started from 2013, it has been quite succesful in its first year. This cricket tournament helds on the ground of Prateik Sanga, beside the holy Ganges.

Champions of this tournaments

2013: Anik Chakraboty, Debjyoti Maitra, Rajdip Sadhukhan, Pritam Sarkar and Debangan Kar

2014:  Anik Chakraboty, Debjyoti Maitra, Rajdip Sadhukhan, Sayantan Dutta and Debangan Kar


CAFC Kick-Off

Proposed to start in 2014, it will search out the member who has skill with their feet to say that the soccer ball is a part of their control.

Champions of this tournaments

2014: Anik Chakraboty, Shadab Ali, Rajdip Sadhukhan and Debangan Kar


CAFC Uno Rockers

The Mattle Inc. 's famous game "Uno" has a made a way for competece in our Carnivalle. Watch how the game becames a war of strategy and luck, rather than fun.

Champions of this tournaments

2013: Pritam Sarkar

2014: Satyaki Dey


CAFC Inquizzitive

The ultimate test of General Knowledge as the quizmaster asks random question from the mixbag. Check out how knowledgeable you are.

Champions of this tournaments

2013: Riddhi De

2014: Satyaki Dey